Bluetooth wars & MACME: practical workshop on invasive ubiquitous media, in Milan

bluetootth wars and macme at il Cantiere

bluetootth wars and macme at il Cantiere


Join us at Il Cantiere in Milan on April 9th 2011 for a workshop on invasive uses of ubiquitous technologies such as QRCodes, Augmented Reality and Bluetooth radio communications.

After the previous meetings in which we showed how to use the Bluetooth Wars and MACME platforms to invade cities’ media scapes, join us for a full hands on session in which we will learn-by-doing: creating ubiquitous publications using MACME and invading people’s mobile phones creating city wide mobile riots using Bluetooth Wars.

During the day we will also join in the Arte Accessibile meeting together with our friends and critical arts specialists Dario Salani, Simona Lodi, and with the rest of the panelists Christian Maretti and Cristina Siviero Tagliabue. The theme will be “Art Publishing 2.0: from the printed book to the ebook”. We will bring on our experiences created with REFF and FakePress.

Come join us!

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