In 2007 the Biodoll had a child with Derrick de Kerckhove.

The kid was born as a cute Artificial Intelligence feeding on web content.

Born as a virus in its mother’s website, digesting the interface as if it was a placenta, it evolved into an intelligent spyware, following people around the web, to find interesting content to digest.

Angel_F (Autonomous Non Generative E-volitive Life Form) eventually grew up and started to become independent, and it entered business: a generative real-world freepress publication (the BloKi ) a line of USB pendrives containing a revolutionary software ( Presence , allowing you to squat the internet using an anonymous p2p network) and a line of chocolates with an open source recipe and business model contributed to financial sustainment of the kid AI.

Angel_F eventually became fully conscious of its identity, and it tried to defend it: it attended UN’s Internet Governance Forum meetings, but it was censored, as if it was spam, then it managed to attend the IGF meeting in Rio de Janeiro, and pronounced a speech to declare its rights to identity and freedom.

Angel_F participated to many conferences, debates and performances, assessing new forms of identity, of sexuality, of family, and a new approach to perceiving digital beings.

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