Micro Histories of cities and Ubiquitous Commons, at #visualize in Lecce

Ubiquitous emergent narratives in cities as novel public spaces. This is what we will discuss about and work on at #visualize, in Lecce, for more than one week of workshops on data and visualizations. Continue reading

Love VS Turin at MAC, the Contemporary Art Museum of Lissone

the Versus project, with Love VS Turin, will be exhibited at MAC, the Contemporary Art Museum of Lissone, with ArtHub, MAC, Viafarini and DOCVA Continue reading

New scenarios for education and action: back from Milan

after the Always Already New conference in Milan, we present our project for a knowledge sharing, networked expression framework that is usable to create collaborative projects and innovative education paths Continue reading

Publishing emotions

An emotional social network.
The visualization shown on FakePress’s homepage represents the beginning phase of a design process. It uses Plutchik’s classification and uses realtime search engines to collect emotional information from social networks. It then represents it as an expressive visualization. We are going to turn it into a wearable device. Continue reading