How to make a ubiquitous soundscape using augmented reality: Read/Write Reality, Ubiquitous Sound at Youbiquity!

AOS will be in Macerata at the Youbiquity Festival for a workshop in which we will understand how to create an ubiquitous soundscape and installation, to create an immersive geography of sound Continue reading

The Near Future of Education: a potential revolution, at ISIA in Florence

At the ISIA School of Design, in Florence, students are leading a disruptive effort to co-create their own future of education. Stepping away from protest mode, and moving into the making mode by changing roles: from subjects begging their rulers to receive hearings and a few coins to survive, to partners, co-creators of the future of the education system. Continue reading

an Emotional Compass: new ideas for wayfinding in cities

an emotional compass which enables people to establish a novel modality for wayfinding, exploring the emotional expressions in the city. Continue reading

Real Time Cairo: the real-time digital life of the city of Cairo, Egypt

The real time digital life of the city of Cairo, Egypt: a chance to perform a visual research of the digital life of cities and to explore their human geography and topography of a city. Continue reading