the Co-Creation of the City on a new book

Our Article titled “The Co-Creation of the City” has just been published on “Advancing Research Methods with New Technologies”, edited by Natalie Sappleton, for IGI Global. Continue reading

AOS at “HYBRID CITY II: Subtle rEvolutions” with “Real Time Dissent in the City”

AOS will be at The HYBRID CITY II: Subtle rEvolutions with contributions about the scenarios of Urban Dissent in the future of cities, and about the Ubiquitous Pompei project, in which students have been asked to become designers of their digital city. Continue reading

Eisenhower Fellowships: a journey through the changing scenarios of leadership, innovation and creativity

Salvatore Iaconesi will be on his Eisenhower Fellowship to explore the changing scenarios of leadership in the US, and to understand the opportunities for collaboration and exchange among the arts, sciences, humanities, businesses and public policies. Continue reading

Radiohead made a new record, but you can’t buy it, you have to go there

…well, not exactly. But we at AOS have released a music album that you can only listen to using your smartphone if you are in Rome between April 3rd and September 6th 2013, by walking through the city. Continue reading