How to make a ubiquitous soundscape using augmented reality: Read/Write Reality, Ubiquitous Sound at Youbiquity!

AOS will be in Macerata at the Youbiquity Festival for a workshop in which we will understand how to create an ubiquitous soundscape and installation, to create an immersive geography of sound Continue reading

Ubiquitous Information in cities: the future of information

The future of information in cities: ubiquitous information, social networks and the emergence of new business models and opportunities, beyond traditional media.
This video was presented at the Eisenhower Fellowship Day 2013 in Italy. Continue reading

an Emotional Compass: new ideas for wayfinding in cities

an emotional compass which enables people to establish a novel modality for wayfinding, exploring the emotional expressions in the city. Continue reading

Real Time Cairo: the real-time digital life of the city of Cairo, Egypt

The real time digital life of the city of Cairo, Egypt: a chance to perform a visual research of the digital life of cities and to explore their human geography and topography of a city. Continue reading