Design, philosophy art and business

What do arts, design and philosophy have to do with business?
It is about opportunity through anthropological performance, through co-creating our futures, the “new normal”. It is Near Future Design. Continue reading

Open Innovation Week Brazil: Near Future Design and the Unknown Challenges of Innovation

Art is Open Source will be at the Open Innovation Week in Brazil for a workshop and a seminar about Near Future Design, and to speak about how to confront with unknown challenges in Innovation, for a more participatory, performative vision of the future. Continue reading

La Cura, an Open Source Cure for Cancer, at TEDMED

Salvatore will be at TEDMed in Washington DC to tell the story of La Cura, our Open Source Cure for Cancer. And, most of all, to explore the many opportunities for change which have become available to our societies, to foster better, more aware, active and caring ways of living. Continue reading

AOS at “HYBRID CITY II: Subtle rEvolutions” with “Real Time Dissent in the City”

AOS will be at The HYBRID CITY II: Subtle rEvolutions with contributions about the scenarios of Urban Dissent in the future of cities, and about the Ubiquitous Pompei project, in which students have been asked to become designers of their digital city. Continue reading

Eisenhower Fellowships: a journey through the changing scenarios of leadership, innovation and creativity

Salvatore Iaconesi will be on his Eisenhower Fellowship to explore the changing scenarios of leadership in the US, and to understand the opportunities for collaboration and exchange among the arts, sciences, humanities, businesses and public policies. Continue reading