Human Ecosystems at the MACRO Museum of Rome for Aperitivi Formativi

Human Ecosystems everywhere! On November 12 2013 we will be at the MACRO Museum of Rome for a session of the “Aperitivi Formativi” to talk about the Human Ecosystems project. What is the Human Ecosystem in the era of ubiquitous and nomadic technologies? Continue reading

Cultur+: an Office for the Ecosystem, for a Smart City and an even Smarter Community

Riding on the wave of the Human Ecosystems project: on November 9th in Rome at “Porta Futuro” will be the second meeting in which we will converge to explore the possibilities of an ecosystemic approach to Culture in the City of Rome, with the ECm(1) project. Continue reading

The Real-time Cultural Ecosystem of the City of Rome

The Real-time Cultural Ecosystem of the City of Rome is a visualization which captures all the interactions on social networks through which internet users discuss about the cultural life of their city. Continue reading

The Electronic Man featured at the Giovannini Prize

The Electronic Man will be featured at the 3rd edition of the Giovannini Prize (Premio Giovannini). Organized by Associazione Amici di Media Duemila, the Prize supports initiatives in the area of sustainability and innovative communication. Continue reading

VersuS – Rome, October 15th, the riots on social networks

A video showing an infovisualization of the riots that took place in Rome on October 15th during the local instance of the planetary protest started by the Occupy Wall Street movement, as seen from Social Networks. Info and scenarios. Continue reading