Yale World Fellowship 2014

Salvatore Iaconesi has just been selected as Yale World Fellow 2014. During the fellowship, which will last from August to December 2014, he will expand the concept of Ubiquitous Commons, in an attempt to reframe the concept of Public Space, to adapt it to current and future scenarios of human life, in which ubiquitous digital technologies and networks have radically transformed the ways in which we relate, work, learn, communicate and collaborate. Continue reading

Living CrossMedia @ Università La Sapienza in Rome

Living CrossMedia
AOS & FakePress insieme a Università di Roma La Sapienza, Facoltà di Architettura, Dipartimento di Disegno Industriale e con la presenza di Assessorato alla Cultura e alla Comunicazione del Comune di Roma presentano: “Living CrossMedia: le opportunità dei nuovi media nei Centri Commerciali e nei nuovi spazi della cultura e dell’aggregazione” Continue reading

Consciousness Reframed 9

The Planetary Collegium presented this conference titled “Being Syncretic”. Researchers and artists from all over the world converged in Vienna to present the state of the art of research on technologies as they access reality in integrated ways. We presented … Continue reading