REFF – radio show at Resonance FM, Feb. 16th 2011

REFF in London with Furtherfield

on Feb. 16th 2011 REFF (with AOS, Art is Open Source, and FakePress) was guest of the radio show at Resonance FM

we had a chance to describe our current project in London and all over the world, to present and invite all the audience for the opening on Feb. 25th at Furtherfield Gallery and, most important of all, to invite everyone to take massive doses of our Augmented Reality Drug!

more info on REFF and the specific projects on:

the global vision of REFF project can be seen here:

during these days:

on the 25th of February 2011 REFF will be opening up an exhibit at Furtherfield gallery in London

more info here:

REFF with Furtherfield at Resonance FM

REFF with Furtherfield at Resonance FM

REFF in London @ Goldsmiths University with Furtherfield

While in London we are starting our actions toward the diffusion of critical practices that use ubiquitous technologies to enact autonomous, free forms of expression.

Today we have been at Goldsmiths University to perform a workshop on the REFF project and to present the free tools that FakePress has been distributing during the last few months:

MACME: a cross-media publishing system that enables WordPress blogs to publish content using location based media, QRCodes and Augmented Reality, generating not only the markers needed to disseminate multimedia content on spaces, objects and bodies, but also PDFs and ePub formatted ebooks.

KNOWNERS: a WordPress plugin that transforms a blog into a knowledge visualization and sharing system

BLUETOOTH WARS: a live Linux distro that turns a laptop into a mobile multimedia broadcasting station that can be used to invade entire cities with contents and information

All these projects will be released in just a few days: stay tuned for updates.

And also watch out for the opening of the REFF exhibit in London at Furtherfield Gallery, on Feb. 25th 2011.

Stay tuned!

REFF interview at Joy Ito’s lectio magistralis organized by Capitale Digitale

REFF, RomaEuropaFakeFactory, has been interviewed in Rome during Joy Ito‘s lectio magistralis held at the italian parlament, in an event organized by Capitale Digitale, a program on digital cultures, economics, creativity and innovation created by Telecom Italia.

We at AOS are working hard for the future of REFF. The Creatives for Net Neutrality campaign will soon have fantastic news, as will the whole project connected to innovation and contemporary creativity that is represented by REFF.

Stay tuned…

William Burroughs – rejected from the RomaEuropaWebFactory Prize

“I am William Burroughs.
I could not participate to RomaEuropaWebFactory.
Damn those bloody suckers couldn’t tell art if it hit them in the forehead.
Deep shadows, close down over culture when culture is not able to catch up with the world it lives in.
I could not participate to RomaEuropaWebFactory.
I could not participate because I am an old man, cutting up pieces of paper, lookig for hidden poetry, forgotten literatures in things that have been thrown away, forgotten, put away, stashed in the trash.
I am William Burroughs.
I could not participate to RomaEuropaWebFactory.”

William Burroughs, famous for his cut-up technique, allowing for the creation of beautiful literature compositions by remixing pieces of existing works, was rejected from the literature section of the RomaEuropa Web Factory.

“This is not original work!” was the scream of the Jury.

William Burroughs now joined RomaEuropaFAKEFactory, here: