Incautious Porn at SSN2014 in Barcelona

We’ll be attending SSN2014 in Barcelona to present the outcomes of our Incautious Porn project: an anthropological experiment in blackmail and the perception of private/public space online. Continue reading

Anthropological Innovation: observing and understanding the mutation of human life

Our article about an Anthropological view on Innovation appeared today on Nòva24, the inset of Il Sole 24 Ore, Italy’s most influential financial newspaper. Our impressions after the 7 weeks on the Eisenhower Fellowship. Continue reading

Incautious Porn: a voyage into privacy

We captured more than 100,000 public comments on porn and sexually-oriented websites in which users left their mobile phone number to male/female/transgender performers, where everyone could see it, and we turned them into a series of paintings which you can purchase. Continue reading

Enlarge Your Consciousness in 4 Days 4 Free

human emotions and their change in contemporary times. we designed a project in which the real-time emotions of human beings are represented in multiple ways. A reflection on the mutation of our lives. And human beings on sale. Continue reading