13th Interactive Media Key Award with Greenpeace for Nuclear Energy

In 2012 Art is Open Source produced the digital campaign on nuclear energy for Greenpeace International.

The campaign won the 13th Interactive Media Key Award, in the category of Green Communication and CSR

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IKA 2012 – Green Communication from Mediakey on Vimeo.

AOS wins Interactive Media Key Award

AOS wins Interactive Media Key Award

Are You At Risk? Nuclear campaigning with Greenpeace

Are You at Risk?

Are You at Risk?

Do you remember Nuclear Anxiety?

After one year from the Fukushima disaster we’ve teamed up with Greenpeace International to create an awareness and action campaign on the risks coming from nuclear energy.

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The interactive map shows the locations of nuclear plants all over the world. By clicking on each one of them, detailed information pops up showing how many people live near the reactors and, thus, would find themselves in the same situations as the people who lived in Fukushima when the disaster took place.

(an enormous “thank you!” must be delivered to Declan Butler: he let us use a dataset he published, which was used as the foundation for this wonderful article on  Nature.)

In the campaign we go a step further.

By using the map you can connect to Facebook and Twitter. If you do it, the software grabs the information about your friends/followers and actively searches for the ones who live near nuclear plants (e.g.: the distance of their home location is less than 300km from a reactor).

When it finds them, it alerts them on social networks by tagging them on an image, pointing out the risks of living near a nuclear plant, and inspiring them to go to check out the map.

When you do this, you can browse the map and see additional information appear: the images and names of your social network buddies appear next to each reactor, indicating the people you love who would suffer from an accident in that location.

And, so: Are you at risk?



Art is Open Source: concept, technologies

Salvatore Barbera (Greenpeace International): project management and creative direction

Andrea Pinchi: visual design

Aslihan Tumer and Jan Beránek (Greenpeace International): Nuclear Campaigners


some links:

Are You at Risk? on Repubblica

Nuclear Anxiety featured on Visualizing 2011

NuclearAnxiety on Visualizing 2011

NuclearAnxiety on Visualizing 2011

Visualizing.org featured NuclearAnxiety in their video and end of year project, looking at the year’s major events through data visualization.

Click here to see Visualizing 2011

and click here to see NuclearAnxiety on Visualizing.org

Nuclear Anxiety featured on the italian newspaper il Sole 24 Ore

Nuclear Anxiety was featured today in an article by Simone Arcagni on the Nova technology insert of the italian newspaper “Il Sole 24 Ore”.

Nuclear Anxiety on Sole 24 Ore - click to download article

Nuclear Anxiety on Sole 24 Ore - click to download article

Remember to participate to the global performance that will take place at the live performers meeting in Rome on May 22nd.


Nuclear Anxiety at the Live Performers Meeting

Nuclear Anxiety will be at the Live Performers meeting in Rome.


From May 19th to May 22nd in the Sensible Data section of the Live Performers meeting.

Final performance on May 22nd at 9pm.

NuclearAnxiety at the Live Performers Meeting

Nuclear Anxiety is a global performance giving a voice to the planetary discussion on nuclear energy.

People worldwide have been discussing about nuclear energy using social networks and the Nuclear Anxiety global performance has been created to narrate the story of this ubiquitous discussion.
Fear, doubts, ideas, hopes, wishes of people worldwide, across countries and cultures feel the need to understand the planet’s energetic future.

Nuclear Anxiety will be LPM’s Sensible Data section final performance.


Participate to the performance!

Everyone is invited to join:

use the #nuclearanxiety hashtag on social networks to contribute text, ideas, images, videos, sounds and whatever comes to your mind and can be linked on the web.

All the contributions will form the content of the performance and you will be given full credit for your contribution on the website, including name (or nickname used on social networks) and link to your social network profile or website.

Please participate to this global discussion on the energetic future of the planet.

Nuclear Anxiety was born on artsblog.it right after the Fukushima disaster in Japan, when penelope.di.pixel launched a call for action on the dangers brought on by nuclear energy. AOS, Art is Open Source answered by producing NuclearAnxiety, at the address:


Here a realtime map shows the live discussions on social networks about nuclear energy and the energetic future of the planet.

Up to now 127000 contributions by 41000 users from 16000 locations, using 29 languages have already participated to the global performance: raise your voice, too!

And take action for the future of the planet.


Fund Raising

NuclearAnxiety is raising funds for the creation of an event in which multiple artists from around the world will participate in describing their vision for the energetic future of the planet.

You can support this cause by purchasing the NuclearAnxiety applications for iPhone and iPad and by donating money to Art is Open Source

Purchase one or both of the applications on the App Store:

NuclearAnxiety for iPhone

NuclearAnxiety Benefit Edition for iPhone

(this last one is being approved by Apple’s reviewers just now, click back in a few days)

Or donate to Art is Open Source using PayPal to support the creation of the event:




Further Information

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Info about the Live Performers Meeting at:

Info about the Sensible Data section of the Live Performers Meeting at: