REFF interview at Joy Ito’s lectio magistralis organized by Capitale Digitale

REFF, RomaEuropaFakeFactory, has been interviewed in Rome during Joy Ito’s lectio magistralis held at the italian parlament, in an event rganized by Capitale Digitale, a program on digital cultures, economics, creativity and innovation created by Telecom Italia. Continue reading

delicious poetry, once again

delicious poetry grabs internet’s faourite links in realtime and uses their contents to visually build a chaotic poem. An everchanging complex composition built on people’s wishes, desires, tastes and emotions. Continue reading

William Burroughs – rejected from the RomaEuropaWebFactory Prize “I am William Burroughs. I could not participate to RomaEuropaWebFactory. Damn those bloody suckers couldn’t tell art if it hit them in the forehead. Deep shadows, close down over culture when culture is not able to catch up with … Continue reading

Les Amantes/Loving the Crisis. Reportage da LOVE SHARE – Villa Capriglio (Torino) 14/02/09

Just back from Turin where we joined our friends of the Share Festival in a wonderful s.valentine party. We presented “Loving the Crisis” an nstallation in which the characters of “Les Amants” by Magritte interpret the global flows of the … Continue reading