Near Future Design: the perception of a “new possible” and a new role for Design

What is the future? The future does not exist. It is a performance to which we all take part in, establishing a global conversation, making decisions and embracing directions. Each time we do this, we push our perception of “what is possible” a little further beyond. At ISIA Design Florence we have made a huge experiment in Near Future Design, and we presented it at Frontiers of Interactions 2013. Here’s what we did and how it went. Continue reading

A Course on Fabbing and Nanotechnologies at ISIA Design Florence

This year’s course at ISIA Design in Florence will see us busy with the critical analysis of the new developments of fabbing (3Dprinting, maker culture, etc) and nanotechnologies, and with the creation of concepts for the near future. Continue reading

Emergenza at Internet Festival 2012

Emergenza was presented at the Internet Festival 2012 in Pisa, as an installation and a performance dealing with the future scenarios of our cities, as enabled by the wide and ubiquitous accessibility of digital technologies and networks. Continue reading