Micro Histories of cities and Ubiquitous Commons, at #visualize in Lecce

Ubiquitous emergent narratives in cities as novel public spaces. This is what we will discuss about and work on at #visualize, in Lecce, for more than one week of workshops on data and visualizations. Continue reading

Human Ecosystems at ArtSci Salon in Toronto

Human Ecosystems in Toronto, at the ArtSci Salon: starting the real-time observation of the city and a first workshop on real-time cities, ubiquitous information, commons and the new public spaces (and some information visualization and BigData, too). Continue reading

Knowledge is Natural, a workshop about DIY energy and augmented reality in natural environments

Back in Cava de Tirreni for a workshop: we will build our own sustainable energy source in the woods, and we will use it to disseminate ubiquitous information in nature Continue reading