Are You At Risk? Nuclear campaigning with Greenpeace

Are You at Risk?

Are You at Risk?

Do you remember Nuclear Anxiety?

After one year from the Fukushima disaster we’ve teamed up with Greenpeace International to create an awareness and action campaign on the risks coming from nuclear energy.

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The interactive map shows the locations of nuclear plants all over the world. By clicking on each one of them, detailed information pops up showing how many people live near the reactors and, thus, would find themselves in the same situations as the people who lived in Fukushima when the disaster took place.

(an enormous “thank you!” must be delivered to Declan Butler: he let us use a dataset he published, which was used as the foundation for this wonderful article on  Nature.)

In the campaign we go a step further.

By using the map you can connect to Facebook and Twitter. If you do it, the software grabs the information about your friends/followers and actively searches for the ones who live near nuclear plants (e.g.: the distance of their home location is less than 300km from a reactor).

When it finds them, it alerts them on social networks by tagging them on an image, pointing out the risks of living near a nuclear plant, and inspiring them to go to check out the map.

When you do this, you can browse the map and see additional information appear: the images and names of your social network buddies appear next to each reactor, indicating the people you love who would suffer from an accident in that location.

And, so: Are you at risk?



Art is Open Source: concept, technologies

Salvatore Barbera (Greenpeace International): project management and creative direction

Andrea Pinchi: visual design

Aslihan Tumer and Jan Beránek (Greenpeace International): Nuclear Campaigners


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Nuclear Anxiety featured on Visualizing 2011

NuclearAnxiety on Visualizing 2011

NuclearAnxiety on Visualizing 2011 featured NuclearAnxiety in their video and end of year project, looking at the year’s major events through data visualization.

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Leaf++, leaves, nature and augmented reality

Leaf ++ augmented reality for leaves

Leaf ++ augmented reality for leaves


We just published an article on Media Duemila describing the Leaf++ system we will publish with FakePress at IESA 2011 in Istanbul.

Leaf++ is an augmented reality application that lets you get information about the natural environment around you.

It uses computer vision techniques to try and identify the leaves which you frame in your smartphone’s screen. As soon as the leaf is recognized information starts to popup on the screen, with no additional interaction needed: the name of the plant, its geographical origin, the fruits, woods, products it produces, etc.

From the article:

“The technological ecosystem in which we live allows us to reappropriate wisdom and knowledge of the natural world by creating fruition models for information that make this kowledge accessible in natural, usable ways”.


“The ecologist dimension of Leaf++ suggests an innovative approach to the definition of new forms of citizenship in which technologies contribute to enabling a new concept of ‘citizen’ that is more aware, active and informed on the environment and the society he/she lives in, being able to collect information and transform them into knowledge, usable to lead sustainable, tolerant, environment-friendly lifestyles.”

Leaf++ is a joint effort of the whole FakePress team, and it was inspired by Luca Simeone and engineered by Salvatore Iaconesi.

Read the whole article HERE

Squatting Supermarkets, new interfaces and project development

A new interface for the squatting supermarkets installation was featured recently at the SMIR project.

Traditional products were added to the system, documenting their history, sustainable production processes and ecologic impacts.

by FakePress, Art is Open Source

produced by SMIR project, Marcovaldo association and Share Festival

Squatting Supermarkets

Squatting Supermarkets

Squatting Supermarkets @ Mondovì

Squatting Supermarkets at Mondovì

Squatting Supermarkets at Mondovì

On Friday May 5th 2010 Art is Open Source , FakePress and The Hub Roma will be in Mondovì together with the Piemonte Share Festival and associazione Marcovaldo to present the next steps of the Squatting Supermarkets / iSee project.

Squatting Supermarkets is one of the projects included in the SMIR (Spazi Multimediali per l’Innovazione e la Ricerca / Multimiedia Spaces for Innovation and Research) project, an european project inolving the restoration of two ancient churches in Mondovì (Italy) and Embrun (France) to create a trans-frontier media research center that will investigate on the possibilities for digital arts to collaborate with the development of territories and populations.

We (as AOS and FakePress) are investing a lot on this project, as we feel that arts and social innovation go well together hand in hand in exploring new practices for a more sustainable world.

And we are not alone in this. The Sharing (the association behind the Piemonte Share Festival) and Marcovaldo (an association with a long history of territorial interventions promoting development, the arts, local economies and creativity) have been truly active, lately, on our involvement wih Squatting Supermarkets, and they are setting up an ecosystem of local producers that will form a first official experimentation base for the adoption of the practices designed with iSee / Squatting Supermarkets.

During the next few months we will add a layer of digital reality to the wonderful traditional cheeses, wines, vegetables, salamis and meats, through which producers will be able to inform people about their sustainable production and distribution processes, and people will be able to gather information on what it means for them and for the rest of world to consume critically, accessing informations, documentaries, global sources of information. Finally the products we eat and consume every day will have a story: we will be able to know who produce them, where, how and with what effects on our world. And we will be able to communicate with them and among ourselves, near and far, directly throgh the products that shape our daily lives.

So, we are really excited to get this part of the project going!

And “We” is growing by the minute, as you can read here about the recent collaborations with our friends and partners at The Hub Roma, the research group at the Tor Vergata University in Rome, the students that will produce end-of-course project works on Squatting Supermarkets and iSee at La Sapienza University in Rome. And there will be additions by the minute.

In Mondovì we will present a research poster (you can download the PDF of the poster here) that describes the current state of the research (titled “the Active Consumer“) and the planning we have set up for the next important date for Squatting Supermarkets, around the half of July 2010, back in Mondovì for the next steps of the project and a beautiful event in the medieval city square together with all the artists and initiatives of the SMIR project.

In Mondovì we will also present the new features of the iSee application for iPhone / Android that is at the heart of Squatting Supermarkets, including a new information visualization technology that will be released as Open Source.

So, as usual: stay tuned!

please register at the Facebook Event if you’d like to inform us that you’re coming, and if you want to stay updated on the event:

Facebook Event

More info at:

Squatting Supermerkets – info
Squatting Supermerkets – artistic statement by Salvatore Iaconesi
iSee – info
Zero Impact Technology Prize offered by the EnviParc in Turin – Piemonte Share Festival ‘09
Presentation  @Faculty of Architettura “La Sapienza” May 4th 2010 – Rome

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