OneMillionDreams at File Festival 2014 in S. Paulo

One Million Dreams will be featured at the File Festival 2014 in S. Paulo, Brazil.

This is the 15th edition of FILEElectronic Language International Festival in São Paulo –, which takes place this year from August 26 to October 5 at Centro Cultural FIESP – Ruth Cardoso.

The festival occupies four spaces in this venue: the Art Gallery, the SESI Digital Art Gallery (building facade), the FIESP Space, and the Mezzanine, besides the pavement of the Consolação, Trianon-Masp, and Brigadeiro subway stations.

The exhibition of FILE SP 2014 presents installations, interactive performances, animations, games designed for several platforms, machinima, video, net and sound art, as well as a selection of Japanese artists’ works in partnership with the Japan Media Arts Festival.

One Million Dreams is featured in the video art section of the festival.

One Million Dreams is a generative video that lasts around 200 hours which shows, instant by instant, a whole year of dreams captured from social networks.


One Million Dreams has been produced through the Human Ecosystems project.

Cultural Interfaces in Naples

Art is Open Source will be in Naples on April 11th, at the Federico II University, at the Department of Social Sciences, for the Interfacce culturali e sensorialità digitali meeting (Cultural Interfaces and digital sensorialities) to to discuss the roles of interfaces in our cultural transformation and evolution.

Interfacce Culturali, Napoli

Interfacce Culturali, Napoli

The meeting is curated by Prof. Dario De Notaris (Web Design Laboratory), and performed in collaboration with Prof. Derrick de Kerckhove (Sociology of Digital Cultures) and with Prof. Lello Savonardo (Theory and Technique for Communication, Youth Cultures and Communication).

For Information and joining in: “Interfacce Culturali” on Facebook

From the introduction to the meetings:

At the light of the growing diffusion of digital devices in the practices of our daily lives, we intend to offer to student a conceptual scheme for a critical analysis of these technologies, in their relationship with human beings, computers and culture.

This series of meetings will focus on the sensorial relationships which these technological devices, through their interfaces, establish with users in the processes of transcoding cultural products.

Traversing the traditional literature of primary and secondary orality (W. J. Ong), of interface cultures (S. Johnson), of tertiary sensorialities (D. de Kerckhove) and of software cultures (M. Manovich), we will offer students the theoretical and technical tools to research technologies across society.

Multimedia productions and “priviledged testimonies” will enable us to trace the history of modern and contemporary communication tools: technical/graphical interfaces become cultural interfaces.

The meetings will focus of the analysis of the 5 senses of human beings, and on their digital relation/interaction.

EC(m1), on Il Manifesto: the Cultural Ecosystem of the City of Rome

EC(m1) on il Manifesto

EC(m1) on il Manifesto

EC(m1), the Culturl Ecosystem of the City of Rome has been featured on italian newspaper Il Manifesto.

More information here:

Take active part in the ecosystem by joining the Facebook Group where the discussion is happening

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