Transmedia Storytelling and the transformation of imagination, at MAXXI Museum in Rome

Art is Open Source at MAXXI B.A.S.E. on April 29th for a conversation about Transmedia Narratives, Design Fiction and our work on the importance of imagination and communication in the era of Knowledge and Information. How can it transform our idea of Design? Continue reading

The performance of the Near Future of Education

Crisis and transformation are connected to each other.
This is what is happening in ISIA, Florence’s school of design, where the students are leading a disruptive effort to co-create the future of their own education system.
The story has just begun, and you will be able to follow and take active part in it on the physical and digital pages of Nòva24, on Il Sole24Ore, and on the many forms of presence which this wonderful group of students will be maintaining on social networks and in cities.
The future does not exist: it is a performance, which we enact with every single one of our decisions.
And, thus: let the Performance, and the Design, begin. You are all welcome. Continue reading

Design, philosophy art and business

What do arts, design and philosophy have to do with business?
It is about opportunity through anthropological performance, through co-creating our futures, the “new normal”. It is Near Future Design. Continue reading

Design Fiction and Near Future Design at Frontiers of Interaction 2013

AOS will be at Frontiers of Interaction 2013 in Milan for a special workshop on Design Fiction and Near Future Design. Here more info about the workshop and the ideas we care about when dealing with Design Fiction and Near Future Design. Continue reading

Remixing Rome with REFF and Shoot4Change

REFF’s first incursion in the cities of the world was a complete success. Presentation of the book and disseminated performance with REFF artists, Massimo Canevacci, Shoot 4 Change and the Hub Roma Continue reading