Open Data as Culture: science, arts and technologies to co-create possible futures

How can Sciences, Arts and Technologies collaborate together with Societies, Communities, Administrations and Businesses to foster a culture of Openness, Transparency, Freedom and Empowerment?

We will find out in Trento, at the ICT Days event, together with Trento rise, the Bruno Kessler Foundation and the Department of Engineering and Information Science of the University of Trento.

The event will be on April 2, 3 and 4, 2014, in several locations across Trento (see for info and program).

Our intervention will be on April 2nd, 2014, at 3:15pm, at the University of Trento, in the “Polo Scientifico e Tecnologico” in room B107.

We will use some of our projects such as VersuS, ConnectiCity, Human Ecosystems, and also Enlarge Your Consciousness and Incautious Porn, to highlight and reflect on how a radical transformation is needed about what we imagine citizenship to be.

It is a transformation which is linguistic and of the imaginary. It is about the shift of what we perceive as possible, to understand and embrace new ways of working together, of relating, communicating, making decisions and getting things done.

From our point of view, in the era of knowledge and information, we have all the tools we need (more are, of course, welcome, as long as they are open, accessible and usable).

What is missing is not found at the level of technologies, methodologies and techniques.

It is at the level of desire, expectation, emotion.

We find ourselves at the edge of a scenario in which we can reasonably transform what we expect economy, knowledge, public space and governance to be.

We call this possibility Ubiquitous Commons: the possibility to create a number of knowledge-based, recombinant Commons which radically augment the well-being of our ecosystems (human, relational, economic, social, political, natural…).

Our work is dedicated to enacting global states of performance, in which everyone is engaged into embracing this possibility in constructive ways, using arts and creativity to interweave scientific, technical and technological possibilities with our imaginaries: a linguistic virus which shifts our perception of what is possible.

Cultural Interfaces in Naples

Art is Open Source will be in Naples on April 11th, at the Federico II University, at the Department of Social Sciences, for the Interfacce culturali e sensorialità digitali meeting (Cultural Interfaces and digital sensorialities) to to discuss the roles of interfaces in our cultural transformation and evolution.

Interfacce Culturali, Napoli

Interfacce Culturali, Napoli

The meeting is curated by Prof. Dario De Notaris (Web Design Laboratory), and performed in collaboration with Prof. Derrick de Kerckhove (Sociology of Digital Cultures) and with Prof. Lello Savonardo (Theory and Technique for Communication, Youth Cultures and Communication).

For Information and joining in: “Interfacce Culturali” on Facebook

From the introduction to the meetings:

At the light of the growing diffusion of digital devices in the practices of our daily lives, we intend to offer to student a conceptual scheme for a critical analysis of these technologies, in their relationship with human beings, computers and culture.

This series of meetings will focus on the sensorial relationships which these technological devices, through their interfaces, establish with users in the processes of transcoding cultural products.

Traversing the traditional literature of primary and secondary orality (W. J. Ong), of interface cultures (S. Johnson), of tertiary sensorialities (D. de Kerckhove) and of software cultures (M. Manovich), we will offer students the theoretical and technical tools to research technologies across society.

Multimedia productions and “priviledged testimonies” will enable us to trace the history of modern and contemporary communication tools: technical/graphical interfaces become cultural interfaces.

The meetings will focus of the analysis of the 5 senses of human beings, and on their digital relation/interaction.

Human Ecosystems at Artscaping Rome

Artscaping Rme

Artscaping Rme

After launching the Human Ecosystems project in Toronto and setting up for its execution in Montreal, we will present it at Artscaping Rome, on February 20th 2014, at 5:30pm, at the Caffè Letterario, together with IED, Federculture and Fondazione Romaeuropa.

In this occasion we will present the results of the Human Ecosystems project as they are currently being achieved in Rome, Sao Paulo and Malmö, together with the results which are starting to come by in Toronto, Montreal and Hong Kong, and the future plans for the project.

Here are more info:

ArtScaping Rome – Save the Date and Information


EC(m1), on Il Manifesto: the Cultural Ecosystem of the City of Rome

EC(m1) on il Manifesto

EC(m1) on il Manifesto

EC(m1), the Culturl Ecosystem of the City of Rome has been featured on italian newspaper Il Manifesto.

More information here:

Take active part in the ecosystem by joining the Facebook Group where the discussion is happening

Come at the event in Rome, on Sept. 28th

More info and vision:

AOS at NextFest in Milan

AOS will be at NextFest in Milan on Saturday June 1st 2013 to speak about La Cura, the Open Source Cure for Cancer, Hacking culture and the opportunities to reclaim our rights and human perspectives in our contemporary times.

Here’s the title and abstract of the talk:

Medicine, Hacking, Re-appropriation, Revolution

A brain cancer becomes the opportunity to try the impossible: to find an Open Source cure for Cancer. And, in the meantime, to understand the many ways in which our human societies have changed and have become ready to perform an enormous qualitative leap: an interconnected, global, relational, peer-to-peer humanity, aware and willing to reclaim and re-appropriate our identities and our ecosystemic vision of the world.



Salvatore Iaconesi at NextFest

Salvatore Iaconesi at NextFest