Near Future Design at CyberResistance in Milan

AOS will be at CyberResistance in Milan for a conversation about Near Future Design: the possibility to create powerful transmedia simulacra whose objective is to shift people’s perception of what is real and possible, and engage them into a performance to create new, preferred, desirable futures. Continue reading

Reinvent Reality at FADfest, a conference on Open Design and Shared Creativity, Barcelona

we will join in the discussion on July 2nd and 3d in Barcelona, presenting a scenario for radical innovation: REFF a fake cultural institution dedicated to the systematic reinvention of reality Continue reading

Innovation and Art in Bolzano: REFF and the augmentation of reality

we will be in Bolzano on October 27th 2011 at the Centro Trevi to discuss innovation scenarios for art and art management. REFF and its fake institution will be the case study on the possibilities offered by networks and technologies to augment reality Continue reading

Sensible Data @ Live Performers Meeting 2011, Rome and Minsk

Art is Open Source will curate the section of the 2011 editions of Live Performers Meeting called Sensible Data: open, accessible data and its critical and aesthetics uses for freedoms and self expression. Poetics and Politics! Continue reading