The Third Infoscape: Michel De Certeau, Gilles Clément, Marco Casagrande and the re-creation of our cities

What do Michel De Certeau, Gilles Clément and Marco Casagrande have to do with the idea of Smart Cities? What is the Third Infoscape? How can we grasp the potential revolutionary character of our daily lives, educate our gaze to capture unforeseen opportunities and experience our cities as living beings, to which we all participate and onto which we can all contribute to transformation and change? Continue reading

Real Time Cairo: the real-time digital life of the city of Cairo, Egypt

The real time digital life of the city of Cairo, Egypt: a chance to perform a visual research of the digital life of cities and to explore their human geography and topography of a city. Continue reading

Love VS Turin at MAC, the Contemporary Art Museum of Lissone

the Versus project, with Love VS Turin, will be exhibited at MAC, the Contemporary Art Museum of Lissone, with ArtHub, MAC, Viafarini and DOCVA Continue reading

Emergenza at Internet Festival 2012

Emergenza was presented at the Internet Festival 2012 in Pisa, as an installation and a performance dealing with the future scenarios of our cities, as enabled by the wide and ubiquitous accessibility of digital technologies and networks. Continue reading