an Emotional Compass: new ideas for wayfinding in cities

an emotional compass which enables people to establish a novel modality for wayfinding, exploring the emotional expressions in the city. Continue reading

AOS at “HYBRID CITY II: Subtle rEvolutions” with “Real Time Dissent in the City”

AOS will be at The HYBRID CITY II: Subtle rEvolutions with contributions about the scenarios of Urban Dissent in the future of cities, and about the Ubiquitous Pompei project, in which students have been asked to become designers of their digital city. Continue reading

Ubiquitous Pompei: Television Interview on RaiNews24

A short interview has been shown on RaiNews24 italian news channel about the Ubiquitous Pompei project. In the interview: Oriana Persico of Art is Open Source and Claudio Alfano, Vice-Mayor of Pompei Continue reading