Beyond the technologic body

Just published: the article “Oltre il corpo tecnologico” (Beyond the technologic body) on the journal “Rivista di Scienze Sociali“.

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Paul Vanouse at Transmediale

Paul Vanouse at Transmediale


“new body forms are defined, new paths and movements in which understanding the possible boundaries between analogic and digital is really not interesting, and in which, on the opposite side, it becomes extremely relevant to understand, in a state of marvel, the emergence of a new body, with its dozens of additional senses, of additional eyes, new ears and fingertips, whose goal is to plunge the human body into the city, into software, pixels, into the curves of the territory, and to also allow it to look upon itself from outside, through other eyes, between social networks, databases, geographical coordinates, QRCodes, augmented reality and ubiquitous technologies.”


OneAvatar connects your body to your Avatar in virtual worlds.

You and your Avatar will be finally one, sharing the same experiences even at physical level.
You get hurt, you Avatar gets hurt.

Your Avatar dies, you die.

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A computer is interpreted as a body according to eastern theories and philosophies.

The Chakras represent the components of the PC. When the computer reaches Chakra balance, it goes in Kundalini state, becoming connected to all the other ChakraPuters on the network.

Chakraputer can be experienced on the web and through an installation/performance featuring a Yoga master side by side with the ChakraPuter.

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We Are Not Alone

2 part article on DigiCult Magazine, written together with my beloved mademoiselle


We speak about identity, body, artificial intelligence, avatars, cyborgs, and digital ecosystems.

It’s the first article in which we spoke about NeoRealismo Virtuale [NeRVi]

feel a bit less alone by reading our article at DigiCult magazine:

> Part 1

> Part 2

NeRVi – Neo Realismo Virtuale

A new narrative, sitting across the borders running between materiality and immateriality, organic and inorganic, architecture and body.

These borders have been deleted by digital technologies in the contemporary era, perpetrating a continuous shift from object to communication, from product to service, from the mass to a plurality of multi-viduals.

NeoRealismo Virtuale dives into this scenario, hybridizing disciplines and practices

From Baudelaire, to Benjamin, to the contemporary flaneur.

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