VivaCosenza: how to transform a city event into a real-time participatory performance

the city of Cosenza will host VivaCosenza Performance Lab, an international event for art and performance. AOS has designed its realtime, digital, ubiquitous life Continue reading

Enlarge Your Consciousness in 4 Days 4 Free

human emotions and their change in contemporary times. we designed a project in which the real-time emotions of human beings are represented in multiple ways. A reflection on the mutation of our lives. And human beings on sale. Continue reading

AOS and FakePress Publishing: a showcase at The Others, Turin, with, an innovative service for self publishing of artist books, invited Art is Open Source and FakePress Publishing to The Others, for Turin’s art week, to present a showcase of their breakthrough publications using augmented reality, ubiquitous technologies and new approaches to the city Continue reading

Wearing Emotions by FakePress, presented at the IV10 conference in London, July 2010

Wearing Emotions: Physical representation and visualization of human emotions using wearable technologies” presented at the IV10: video and presentation Continue reading