La Cura on Usbek & Rica

La Cura on Usbek & Rica

La Cura on Usbek & Rica

La Cura, the Open Source Cure for Cancer, has recently been featured on the Usbek & Rica Magazine.

You can find the article here: Portraits – Salvatore Iaconesi “Mon Cancer en Open Source”

and kudos go to Agata Marszałek for the beautiful illustrations!

Salvatore Iaconesi on Usbek & Rica

Salvatore Iaconesi on Usbek & Rica


The Mirror and The Source @ Penny W. Stamps Speaker Series


AOS in Detroit

AOS in Detroit

AOS will be in Ann Arbor (Detroit) on October 17, 2013, for the Penny W. Stamps Speaker Series at the Michigan Theater with “The Mirror and the Source“, a talk/performance exploring the transformation of human beings, and the new rituals, emotions, new intimacies and public spaces of our augmented lives in the digital era.

“The Mirror and the Source” will be an exploration of contemporary life with Art is Open Source, an international network of artists, researchers, technologists, architects, designers and activists interweaving disciplines and practices to understand the current mutation of human societies through the wide availability and accessibility of ubiquitous technologies.

A visual, sonic journey through the new rituals and emergent ways in which we have radically changed the ways in which we work, relate, consume, feel emotions, have sex and entertain ourselves.

The first Open Source Cure for Cancer, the real-time digital life of cities, the story of a baby artificial intelligence called Angel_F going to the United Nations to defend its digital rights, a very dangerous videogame, human tamagotchis and a fictional company using a very naughty business model will be among the many performances, artworks and researches which we will encounter along the journey.

Come and meet us here:

Art is Open Source and the Penny W. Stamps Speaker Series
“The Mirror and the Source”
Thursday October 17th 2013
at 5:10pm at the historic Michigan Theater
603 E. Liberty Street in downtown Ann Arbor,
(free of charge and open to the public)

more info:

La Cura on BigData

BigData Cover

BigData Cover

La Cura was recently featured on the journal BigData Vol.1 Issue 3, with an in-depth article and on the journal’s cover (shown above). You can read the article about La Cura here in PDF (an HTML version of the article is available here).

Here is the abstract of the article:

When I was diagnosed with brain cancer, I opened up my medical records to the Web, asking for help. The response was incredible: a global source of crowd-generated information about how to cure my own cancer. This work explores the many issues involved in handling such a peculiar form of information (including privacy, preserving the complexity of the human being, the reliability of responses, and more) and the outcomes of the overall process.

La Cura on BigData, PDF preview

cite as:

S. Iaconesi (2013). “La Cura, An Open Source Cure for Cancer” in BigData, Volume 1, Issue 3, pp.124-129. doi:10.1089/big.2013.0028

“[Critique] does not aim to make possible metaphysics which becomes, in the end, science; its aim is to look as more as possible beyond and beside at the infinite work of freedom.” —M. Foucault, “What is Illuminism”


“Maybe today the most important objective is not to understand what we are, but to refuse it. We must imagine and build what we could be, to drop that political double bind which is constituted by the simultaneous individualization and totalitarianization of the structures of modern powers.

The conclusion might be that the political, ethical, social and philosophical issue today is not to liberate individuals from the State and its institutions, but to free ourselves from the State and from the individualization which is bound to the State. We must promote new ways for subjectivity through the refusal of that kind of individuality which has been imposed to us for so many centuries.” —M. Foucault, “Why Study Power: The Question of the Subject”



La Cura on Le Monde

La Cura, and an interview with Salvatore Iaconesi, was recently featured on Le Monde.

Here below are the images from the wonderful article written by Flore Vasseur (click for a larger version):

La Cura on Le Monde

La Cura on Le Monde

La Cura on Le Monde

La Cura on Le Monde

Download the PDF of “La Cura” on Le Monde

Here you can find more information. While here you can find the transcript of the article.

Here, in an interesting essay by Edouard Delruelle, using Foucault’s take on “Life as a form of art” and bio-politics, to explore many of the things which have been fundamental in creating La Cura.

« Ce qui m’étonne, c’est le fait que dans notre société l’art est devenu quelque chose qui n’est en rapport qu’avec les objets et non pas avec les individus ou avec la vie (…). Mais la vie de tout individu ne  pourrait-elle pas être une œuvre d’art ? Pourquoi une lampe ou une maison sont-ils des objets d’art et non pas notre vie ? »

La Cura at TEDMED 2013

Just published!

My talk about La Cura at TEDMED 2013, in Washington DC:


My voice trembles a bit :) and I was really excited about the enormous, beautiful, scientific and healthcare oriented audience. But I made it.

Here is my Profile on TEDMED

and here you can watch the talk on TEDMED’s website

In this talk i decided to confront with a series of technical observations about what happened in La Cura.

It was hard but I think that it is important to describe the process in which a human being can be fully and ecosystematically involved and engaged in the process of curing himself/herself, and how to highlight the fact that pursuing well-being is not something you do alone, but it requires the collaboration of all of society.

So, there you have it! Now we have the tools, the technologies, the methodologies. We need to promote the desire and social, shared vision that it can happen.

For a yet different vision on La Cura, and to lean more about the insights that it has brought us from a really diverse set of points of view, take a look at the talk I held at TED Global 2013 in EdinBurgh