Augmented Reality Art: the Emotional Compass featured on a new book

The Emotional Compass featured in a chapter of the new “Augmented Reality Art” book from Springer, edited by Vladimir Geroimenko together with Mark Skwarek, Tamiko Thiel, Gregory L. Ulmer, John Craig Freeman, Conor McGarrigle, Patrick Lichty, Geoffrey Alan Rhodes, Jacob Garbe, Todd Margolis, Kim Vincs, Alison Bennett, John McCormick, Jordan Beth Vincent, Stephanie Hutchison, Ian Gwilt, Judson Wright, Nathan Shafer, Salvatore Iaconesi, Oriana Persico, Dragoş Gheorghiu and Livia Ştefan, Simona Lodi, Margaret Dolinsky, Damon Loren Baker. Continue reading

an Emotional Compass: new ideas for wayfinding in cities

an emotional compass which enables people to establish a novel modality for wayfinding, exploring the emotional expressions in the city. Continue reading

VersuS and RaiTunes, a musical journey through the emotions of cities

the VersuS project will be featured on RaiTunes, a national radio broadcast program, to perform a musical journey into the real-time emotions of cities Continue reading

Wearing Emotions by FakePress, presented at the IV10 conference in London, July 2010

Wearing Emotions: Physical representation and visualization of human emotions using wearable technologies” presented at the IV10: video and presentation Continue reading

Publishing emotions

An emotional social network.
The visualization shown on FakePress’s homepage represents the beginning phase of a design process. It uses Plutchik’s classification and uses realtime search engines to collect emotional information from social networks. It then represents it as an expressive visualization. We are going to turn it into a wearable device. Continue reading