Generativity: Fluffy Chaos

Fluffy Chaos is the first book of the Generativity series.


It explores the spaces of generative visuals. Spaces in which the laws of nature become entangled with programming code to describe possible scenarios.

The books of the series showcase the images and the code used to produce them. (here is the code used for Fluffy Chaos)

The code can be executed using the Processing language (

Leaf++ at Designs on E-Learning, in Finland

Leaf++ will be presented at the Designs on E-Learning conference in Helsinki, Finland.



From the conference website:

Future Learning Spaces
The notion of space regains fresh momentum every time we interact with the world around us. As mobile devices weave into the fabric of everyday life, we are no longer confined to a specific location, time and place in accessing and interacting with communications technologies. Interfaces become more adaptable and fluid according to the user’s needs; capable of switching seamlessly between augmented, real and virtual information and communication techniques and practices.

Leaf++ on Parsons Journal for Information Mapping

Leaf++, the Augmented Reality system for leaves created together with FakePress Publishing has been recently published on Parsons Journal for Information Mapping, Volume 3, Issue 3.



The project will be officially be released during our presence at ISEA 2011, in Istanbul, on September 2011, and has already had coverage in both academics, science and news publications.

Check out the website collecting all the information about Leaf++ HERE.

Listen: relationship data sculptures

Listen, Angel_F data sculptures by Salvatore Iaconesi

Listen, Angel_F data sculptures by Salvatore Iaconesi

click here to open installation

At Angel_F’s party we presented “Listen” an interactive installation featuring generative data sculptures visualizing the AI’s relationships on social networks.

Social graph data was inferred through Facebook and FriendFeed APIs and relevant data was fetched, buinding monolithic data scultpures people could interact with.

More info on the party here.

More info on Angel_F here.

Angel_F’s generative blog is here.

The installation is by Salvatore Iaconesi.

Made using Flex, ActionScript 3 and several server side technologies.