Near Future Design at CyberResistance in Milan

AOS will be at CyberResistance, on April 3, 4 and 5 2014, in Milan, at the Cantiere, for a participatory conversation about Near Future Design, starting from the Near Future Design of the Education System which we are building with our students at ISIA in Florence.

Near Future Design, from our point of view, is the possibility to create powerful, strategic, coordinated transmedia narratives, realizing a simulacrum, a state of suspended disbelief whose objective is to shift people’s perception of what is real and possible, and engage them into a performance to create new, preferred, desirable futures.

We will start from the Near Future Education Lab which we are bringing up together with the students at ISIA Florence: the design of a commons-based, peer-to-peer, emergent, permeable model. This model will be started by founding a Foundation operating under wirearchical organizational models, through a crowd-funding campaign, by forming a wide network of international cooperants and by establishing a network of partnerships to access the funds for its implementation.

To learn more about our perspectives on Near Future Design, you can read this article: Near Future Design, the perception of a New Possible, and a novel role for Design.

You can look at the CyberResistance program here:

And here is the Wiki for the event: in which you can participate and take action.

cyberResistance-2014 flyer

cyberResistance-2014 flyer

Did you really want a Second Life?

A series of interventions in Second Life (and some in other virtual worlds).

The performances explore the aesthetics of code, systems overload and crash, lag.

Places get invaded, filled with art – or enclosed in art – sounds and virtually physical objects that change the characteristics of the space.

Issues such as copyright, the role of art in the contemporary world, the idea of identity and of its definition, the analisys of relational models are confronted through irony, de-structuring, and a bit of damage :)

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