Generativity: Fluffy Chaos

Fluffy Chaos is the first book of the Generativity series.


It explores the spaces of generative visuals. Spaces in which the laws of nature become entangled with programming code to describe possible scenarios.

The books of the series showcase the images and the code used to produce them. (here is the code used for Fluffy Chaos)

The code can be executed using the Processing language (

AOS at NextFest in Milan

AOS will be at NextFest in Milan on Saturday June 1st 2013 to speak about La Cura, the Open Source Cure for Cancer, Hacking culture and the opportunities to reclaim our rights and human perspectives in our contemporary times.

Here’s the title and abstract of the talk:

Medicine, Hacking, Re-appropriation, Revolution

A brain cancer becomes the opportunity to try the impossible: to find an Open Source cure for Cancer. And, in the meantime, to understand the many ways in which our human societies have changed and have become ready to perform an enormous qualitative leap: an interconnected, global, relational, peer-to-peer humanity, aware and willing to reclaim and re-appropriate our identities and our ecosystemic vision of the world.



Salvatore Iaconesi at NextFest

Salvatore Iaconesi at NextFest

Accelerator, proposal for COLLIDE@CERN

Sometime ago we submitted our Accelerator project to Collide@CERN

This is the presentation video:

This is the project description:

Acceleratorestablishes a poetic, emergent parallel between the particle accelerator and the transformation of human communities around the globe due to the progress of sciences, technologies and of the planetary conversations which are triggered from them.

In the Age of Information, human beings experience flows of recombinant information in which “official” sources and peer-conversations interweave in the emergent creation of knowledge and awareness: languages form, relationships fall into place, words become commonplace. Conversations produce knowledge, in a planetary process which radically changes how people learn, work, relate, express, consume.

While fundamental science researches on how matter, space and time work, people’s visions, imaginaries and languages transform, expanding cultures and sense of possibility.

While particles are observed in accelerators their effects escape research labs, accelerating the transformation of people’s perception of their Universe.

People become particles in a planetary accelerator, receiving stimuli and signals (information about the results of fundamental science), moving (thinking and communicating), colliding (discussing) and transforming into other entities (transforming cultures, forms of awareness and visions for their future).

Accelerator is about this process.

A real-time info-aesthetic visualization in which a timeline of the news of the “things” which happen at CERN is compared to the emergence of words, conversations, debates, jokes, images and videos on social networks, all over the planet, across languages and cultures.

A “Human Accelerator” of the Information Age, a landmark accessible from the web and smartphones, and through a large-scale visualization to be placed at CERN, Ars Electronica and selected locations across the planet, to create planetary awareness about the transformation of human beings – and of their languages, visions, desires and perspectives – towards a new perception of possibility.

Accelerator @ Collide

Accelerator @ Collide

Microcucina with the Fooders at Streamfest 2011

are you hungry?

Food is at the center of our lives and it is a very powerful thing: when we talk about food we talk about ecology, nature, environment, global economies, pollution, energy, health, love, family, sex, tradition, innovation. Many people also talk about art when they talk about food, and often they use the power of food – the possibility to talk about so many fundamental topics in such an accessible (and yummy and desirable) way – to create rich experiences with both aesthetics and a critical view on the world.



We joined our friends the Fooders with the desire to use together the power of food and to create a contemporary narrative with it.

Last year the fooders produced the first Microcucina (Micro kitchen), a minimal, 1×1 meter kitchen that was also a microfestival dealing with artists who work with food.

Each element of the kitchen was a story or an artwork, and you had plenty of objects to play around with, creating a rich beautiful experience, hosted in the kitchen, a typical spot of the house where stories emerge while chatting about.

This year we joined the Fooders to go one step further.

At the Stream Fest 2011 we will produce together the second version of Microcucina, using augmented reality and cross media publishing techniques to create an augmented space in which digital experiences will form out of thin air, narrating stories of food, art, design and planetary awareness.

This is a next-step publishing project by FakePress Publishing, and it will use the MACME and NeoReality software tools, which you can find at the following links:



also: check back often here on AOS, as both tools will be upgraded in wonderful ways, leveraging the additions we made to create this augmented publication together with the Fooders.

DE_ZER vol.4 : Always on my mind

AOS, Art is Open Source is proud to be part of the DE_ZER project by Elisa Giardina Papa, Fabrizio Giardina Papa, Giovanni Salerno and Floriano Lapolla. Curator Domenico Quaranta.

(italian below)


DE_ZER Vol. 4

[English Version Below]

Il DEberlusconiZER è lieto di annunciare DE_ZER Vol. 4, la quarta puntata di un ciclo di mostre in cui alcuni artisti contemporanei sono chiamati a restituire un senso allo spazio informativo liberato dall’ingombrante presenza del presidente del consiglio italiano, in un inedito adattamento alla rete dei codici della street art e dell’arte pubblica.

A un primo ciclo di mostre collettive (DE_ZER Vol. 1, DE_ZER Vol. 2 e DE_ZER Vol. 3), verranno nei prossimi giorni fatte seguire due mostre personali, per meglio rispondere al carattere peculiare dei lavori proposti: La Merde, di Luca Bolognesi (dal 27 maggio al 5 giugno) e Always on My Mind, diSalvatore Iaconesi (dal 6 al 15 giugno).

I due progetti sfidano entrambi l’infrastruttura tecnologica e concettuale del  DEberlusconiZER, ma non potrebbero essere più diversi per approccio e ispirazione. Giocando ironicamente con il funzionamento e i propositi del DEberlusconiZER, Luca Bolognesi ha deciso di non proporre alcun contenuto sostitutivo. Il livello frapposto tra il contenuto da censurare e lo spettatore è trasparente, immagini e testi rimangono quelli di cui ci si vorrebbe liberare, e il DEberlusconiZER viene convertito in una macchina celibe che fallisce miseramente il proprio compito. Questa didascalia, che ne riporta il titolo, rimane l’unica chiave per identificare il lavoro. E tuttavia proprio il titolo (ottenuto, stando all’autore, da un generatore online di testi casuali nella sua versione in lingua francese) rivela che l’intervento di Bolognesi è tutt’altro che nichilista, rinunciatario, e polemico nei confronti della possibilità offerta dal DEberlusconiZER. Quale che sia il suo significato, e a dispetto della sua invisibilità, La Merde finisce per produrre un’associazione di immagini di una forza inaudita.

All’inesorabile vuoto di Bolognesi si contrappone il troppo pieno di Iaconesi. Sberleffo e scatologia ritornano anche in Always on My Mind, di cui non riveliamo nulla per non farvi perdere il gusto bruciante della sorpresa che abbiamo provato noi, appena l’abbiamo aperto. L’appuntamento è per il 6 di giugno.

Il DEberlusconizerZER è un progetto di Elisa Giardina Papa, Fabrizio Giardina Papa, Giovanni Salerno e Floriano Lapolla.

Gli artisti sono stati selezionati e invitati dal critico d’arte Domenico Quaranta.

The DEberlusconiZER is proud to announce DE_ZER Vol. 4, the fourth of a series of exhibitions in which some contemporary artists are invited to give a new meaning to the informational space “liberated” from the unwieldy presence of the Italian Prime Minister.

After three group shows (DE_ZER Vol. 1, DE_ZER Vol. 2 and DE_ZER Vol. 3), the DEberlusconiZERwill host two solo shows, in order to allow a better understanding of two very peculiar projects: La Merde, by Luca Bolognesi (May 27 – June 5, 2011) and Always on My Mind, by Salvatore Iaconesi (June 6 – June 15, 2011).

Both the works – very different in terms of content and inspiration – challenge the technological and conceptual infrastructure provided by the DEberlusconiZER. Ironically playing with the workings and intentions of the project, Luca Bolognesi chose to refuse submitting any alternative content to the original images and texts. The level interposed between the censored content and the spectator is transparent, images and texts are still the ones the DEberlusconiZER wanted to set us free from. The program becomes a celibatory machine that fails its target. The caption you are reading, with the work’s title and explanation, becomes the only way to identify the work itself. And yet, the title La merde (according to the artist, provided by an online text generator in its French release) proves that Bolognesi’s contribution is far for being nihilistic, defeatist and polemical against the possibilities provided by its host body. Whatever it’s meaning is, and despite its invisibility, La Merde ends up creating a strong, unprecedented association between images.

After Bolognesi’s inexorable void, the DEberlusconiZER will host Iaconesi’s lavish filling. Sneer and scatology can be found as well in Always on My Mind, a work that we are not going to describe here in order to let you enjoy the biting taste of the surprise we had when we first tested it. Save the date: June 6, 2011.

The DEberlusconiZER is a web tool that replaces the images and words related to the Italian Prime Minister. The software subverts the media machine created by one of the most controversial figures in Italian politics by reclaiming the space devoted to him and using it for new porpuses.

The DEberlusconiZER is a project by Elisa Giardina Papa, Fabrizio Giardina Papa, Giovanni Salerno and Floriano Lapolla.

The artists have been selected and invited by art critic Domenico Quaranta.


La Repubblica DEberlusconiZZATA con La Merde, di Luca Bolognesi.
La Repubblica DEberlusconiZED with La Merde, by Luca Bolognesi.

salvatore iaconesi

Der Spiegel DEberlusconiZZATO con Always on My Mind, di Salvatore Iaconesi.
Der Spiegel  DEberlusconiZED with Always on My Mind, di Salvatore Iaconesi.