The Electronic Man

The Electronic Man produces a connective global body in a realtime performance that takes place simultaneously all over the world. Presented in occasion of Marshal McLuhan's official Centennial Celebrations, the performance realizes one of McLuhan's most interesting theories: "Electronic man like pre-literate man, ablates or outers the whole man. His information environment is his own central nervous system." Thousands of stickers featuring the QRCode and logo of the Electronic Man have been disseminated in hundreds of cities worldwide. When people see them and scan them, they are connected to the performance and can download a free smartphone application. Whenever someone, in any part of the world, participates to the performance, all other participants' phones vibrate simultaneously. A vibration, in our pockets, close to our bodies, triggered by a digital interaction happening anywhere on the planet: a new, synthetic, externalized sense which interconnects tens of thousands of human beings across the globe. Experience the Electronic Man at

Project Updates