Innovation Ecosystems @ Internet Festival

What is the topography of the Innovation Ecosystem in Italy? Who are its main influencers? Who are the hubs? How does information circulate inside it? What are its influences from abroad? How can we map this ecosystem in real-time, using social networks? AOS will be at the Internet Festival 2013 in Pisa to present the Italian Real-time Ecosystem of Innovation. Continue reading

AOS at NextFest in Milan

AOS will be at NextFest in Milan on Saturday June 1st 2013 to speak about La Cura, the Open Source Cure for Cancer, Hacking culture and the opportunities to reclaim our rights and human perspectives in our contemporary times. Continue reading

Publishing emotions

An emotional social network.
The visualization shown on FakePress’s homepage represents the beginning phase of a design process. It uses Plutchik’s classification and uses realtime search engines to collect emotional information from social networks. It then represents it as an expressive visualization. We are going to turn it into a wearable device. Continue reading