The Life of Things: QRCode library for Processing, new version

Thanks to Rolf van Gelder of CAGE we have a new improved version of the Processing library to handle QRCodes we released a while ago

the Life of Things

the Life of Things

Rolf implemented a couple of really useful new features:

the function

PImage generateQRCode(String content, int width, int height)

allows you to generate a new QRCode directly, without having to use a service like Kaywa anymore.

and then, the function

String decodeImage(boolean tryHarder, PImage img)

allows you to decode a QRCode directly from a PImage instance, instead of having to rely on a graphical file saved somewhere.

You can download the new version of the library here:

and keep on whatching out for news on the main page of the library

Thank you Rolf!

the life of things

barcodes come to life

the Life of Things lets you peek into the secret lives of products and objects by transforming their barcodes into generative digital lifeforms.

the Life of Things

the Life of Things

done with Processing

there also is a small library i wrote to integrate in processing sketches the ZXING barcode decoding library.

See the little gadget here:

download the library and documentation here: