DpSdC – Degradazione per Sovrapposizione di Corpi – the theory

Here below you can find the text that we presented at (re)Actor3 and HCI2008 explaining the theories and concept of the installation and of DegradArte.

people using DpSdC

people using DpSdC


Degradazione per Sovrapposizione di Corpi (DpSdC) investigates on interaction mechanisms created using low cost DIY technologies, aiming at the creation of emotional environments that can be used to break the users’ inhibitory barriers to narratively access dialogue on socio-political issues.

Categories and Subject Descriptors:

J.4.3 [Computer Applications]: Social and Behavioral Sciences – Psychology, Sociology.

General Terms:

Algorithms, Performance, Design, Economics, Experimentation, Human Factors, Legal Aspects.


interaction, emotion, design, copyright, perception, inhibition.


the report from (re)Actor3 with some videos

the original version of the installation

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Degradazione per Sovrapposizione di Corpi back from Liverpool

Just back from Liverpool where we attended the (re)Actor3 and HCI2008 events presenting Degradazione per Sovrapposizione di Corpi.

check out how it went with full video coverage here:

> report from Liverpool

connect to the events at

> (re)Actor3

> HCI2008

DpSdC – Degradazione per Sovrapposizione di Corpi

Degradazione per Sovrapposizione di Corpi [DpSC] is an installation in which simple DIY technologies are used to create an interactive floor on which visitors use a broom to sweep their way through 300 years of Art History, creating beautiful cut-up paintings.

Created for the DegradArte event held at LPM2008 in Rome.

more info here:

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In 2008 the italian government released an incredible law stating the necessity to degrade images and videos to be able to use them freely on the web, for educational an research purposes.

A conception of “fair use” that seems quite strange, united to a surreal composition of technical and philosophical paradoxes. And an unbelievable “negative aesthetic” applied to culture and knowledge.

Governments and laws are constantly one step behind the possibilities offered by technology, that’s clear.

We decided to expose the paradox, creating an artistic movement. Degradarte was born: producing arts according to the law.

Choose a copyright protected artwork, degrade it, use it.

An international call was used to collect dozens of works exhibited online and in the LPM festival.

degrade yourself with us at

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