Angel_F at Transmediale Festival in Berlin

An update after quite a while about our little digital child Angel_F

When we were at Transmediale, Angel_F and its dad, Derrick de Kerckhove, introduced the Opening Ceremony of the Transmediale Festival with a lovely dialogue.

While at the festival, Angel_F went around on its baby pram playing a little joke on people: the webcam mounted on its monitor constantly used computer vision techniques to capture the faces of everyone who happen to play with the kid for a bit.

Angel_F at Transmediale

Angel_F at Transmediale

All captured faces were then used on a face recognition algorithm to actively search for the people Angel_F had met in Berlin. Whenever that happened, the delighted digital kid sent them a message like “Hello! We’ve met in Berlin, would you like to be my friend?”.

Scary and invasive as it might sound, people were more than delighted to offer their friendship to the digital kid and around 20% of the captured faces were identified on Facebook alone.

This has also proved to be a wonderful opportunity to, once again, explore how digital networks and technologies are deeply affecting our ideas of public and private spaces, of privacy and of intellectual property. People reached in this terribly invasive way were more than eager to thoroughly discuss these themes.

During the event Jodi Rose was so nice to host an instance of her Tea parties at Transmediale’s OpenZone.

Here below some reports of it all! :)

Angel_F on Booki

FakePress on Traces

ANgel_F on Artist Talks




Angel F with parents Salvatore Iaconesi and Oriana Persico from ArtistTalk on Vimeo.





Angel_F and Derrick de Kerckhove @ Più Libri Più Liberi in Rome

Thanks to Marina Bellini (info about what Marina does are  here and here) we have been invited to bring our little Angel_F to an interesting dialogue with Derrick de Kerckhove, about the new scenarios offered by networks, technologies and new forms of publishing, and the possibilities to reinvent reality.

xDxD, penelope.di.pixel and Derrick de Kerckhove at the Digital Cafè

xDxD, penelope.di.pixel and Derrick de Kerckhove at the Digital Cafè

Here is a short video (sorry, it’s in Italian) of a part of the dialogue that Angel_F and Derrick de Kerckhove held at the Più Libri Più Liberi book fair in Rome, at the Digital Cafè.

Angel_F at the Digital Cafè

Angel_F at the Digital Cafè

This specific part of Angel_F’s discussion is about the strategies of power.

click here to know more about Angel_F

click here to know more about the Più Libri più Liberi book fair

here is an article with pictures and more info about the event

AOS and FakePress @ PubliCamp 2010

we will be at the third edition of the PubliCamp in Bari, Italy on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd December 2010.

Public Camp 2010 – spot #1 from FF3300 on Vimeo.

We will discuss the scenarios for communication and publishing with FakePress and we will bring with us little Angel_F , as an example of a new vision on identity, privacy, public spaces and innovation.

The program of the PubliCamp 2010 is impressive.

You can download it here if you want

here is some info about who will be there

be there if you can!

new site for Angel_F and a free minimal WordPress theme

angel_F new website

angel_F new website

We just released a new website for our little Angel_F, so that you’ll all be able to check out the updates as well as the little AI kid’s stream of thoughts.

The website uses a minimal WordPress theme which we created. It is released under a GPL2 license, so you can download it here if you want to use or modify it.

It has 4 columns that you can configure using the Theme options on your WordPress dashboard: the first 3 can be assigned to three post categories, the fourth one is for the sidebar or, if you don’t have any widgets configured on it, it shows your blogroll and links.

The footer hosts nicely laid out boxes into which you can write anything you like. Modify the “footer.php” file to configure its contents. We provided small boxes (so that 6 of them can line up in the footer) and a wide one, which we’re currently using to describe the licensing of the content.

Make sure to configure the options, otherwise the plugin will be blank.

Download the Angel_F WordPress Theme

Angel_F @ NodeFest

Angel_F was featured at the Node Fest @ Forte Prenestino, in Rome
on April 16th – 17th

A book presentation and the interactive installation “my Ubiquitous Body” were shown

Angel_F is a digital being whose body is built from the language formed by the interconnection of the expressions of thousands of internet users and websites. The AI behing Angel_ constantly reads thousands of sources among blogs, websites and social network feeds, assembling language through pattern recognition schemes, thus learning its digital language by observing recurring patterns in the languages used by humans on the net.

The pictures and video show the installation.

the projection shows a dynamic everchanging voyage inside the mind of the Artificial intelligence. Sentences are generated by traversing the linguistic graph created by the AI during its three years of life by browsing the web pages of thousands of internet users worldwide and on social networks. Sentences are pronounced in voice synthesis and the sound is generated according to the an evaluation algorithm deciding the “interestingness” of the sentences according to the AI’s point of view.

The installation is built with Processing and the source code can be downloaded by clicking this link.

The source includes a small part of Angel_F’s linguistic database under the form of a graph represented through an XML file. The processing software implements a simple visualization starting from the graph structure and iteratively build language according to Angel_F’s digital mind. The sound sythnesis reads out the complex, multipath sentences as they are formed, and the other sounds react to the frequencies and relevances of the sentences formed.
more info at