We gave out a presentation at the conference organized by the University of Rome “La Sapienza” and Co.Pi.Da.

We presented some alternative business models based on a freepress publication created for the Angel_F and biodoll projects, and the scenario for a research laboratory which we are trying to fund: reverse engineering consumer electronics, both conceptually and physically, to research on freedom and on the contemporary, digital, human being.

some more information at these links:

> the Program

> the website

> the presentation

March 18th, 2008

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  • It’s coinsidence that on year 2001 I made an indie comic titled: Biodoll Project….for a comic competition…weird…

  • admin says:

    well it would be actually nice to see it!
    When i joined in the performance, the Biodoll was a performative art project that was really interesting: performances and actions in galleries, in the streets and squatting public spaces all over italy.
    I bet the original author would have loved to partner with you in associating the two biodolls
    but it’s never too late… do you have any material online? I only saw an image in your deviant art profile. do youhave any more?

  • my material online so far is on deviantart, the new material in on progress, but few years ago, I did a design magazine cover competition, and I think you can search on my gallery…

    this one: http://studiozoo.deviantart.com/art/biodoll-5116552

    this one: http://studiozoo.deviantart.com/art/Biodoll-on-1001-Concept-Cover-53585779

    and this one: http://studiozoo.deviantart.com/art/biodoll-on-painter-7340538

  • admin says:

    well it’s actually quite nice!
    even if the aesthetics are totally different from the ones of the italian Biodoll. Franca Formenti’s Biodoll is a cloned prostitute. She lives on the web and transforms digital interactions into sexual energies.
    She has been the subject of a wonderful research on identities, sexualities and public/private spaces as they are redefined in the digital, connected era.
    I’ll show her the concepts, though, she might well be interested in having some artwork done

  • sugiarto aliputra says:

    it surprise me, that’s the italian biodoll it’s an art, but more to the sexuality, oh my…my biodoll story is quite an adventure/ sci-fi story…

    hehehe, I hope our image is strong to the character, than the name..

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